Fabricación de Chapa Metálica para la Industria Agrícola

Agriculture has an important part of society. It not only provides people with the food they need to keep healthy but also the raw materials needed to make lawn and garden, medications, home furnishings, cosmetics, textiles, etc. Cultivators need technology that streamlines throughput to get commodities to market at a reasonable cost.

Agriculture Metal Fabrication KDM

KDM can help improve agricultural production capacity. We can construct unique equipment from agriculture machinery parts to custom equipment you request. With our advanced production line, excellent engineering, and high technology, we can guarantee high-performance components used in the agriculture industry such as handrails, weldments, machine guards, brackets, robot end effectors, sheet metal enclosures, laser booths, material handling equipment, and more.

Our team makes superior quality products with efficiency, and precision, at a reasonable price. We use durable sheet metal materials such as copper, brass carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metal.  You can custom-supplied this material or we will provide these for your projects.

KDM has a strong manufacturing capacity in producing sheet metal products in the agricultural industry. Our team will work closely with you from the design/concept, prototype, and production. Some are the manufacturing capabilities we offer:

You can rely on KDM for complete agriculture equipment manufacturing requirements solutions. We provide complete design, sourcing, fabrication, and finishing. All product undergoes strict quality control, testing and inspection to guarantee meet the required standards. For your specific request, please contact us immediately.

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