La Guía Completa Para La Fabricación De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless steel fabrication provides a number of great advantages. We aim to answer a few commonly asked concerns about stainless steel fabrication and its many processes in order to better grasp what it entails.

  • What Is Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication Benefits
  • Types Of Stainless Steel Used in Fabrication
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication Surface Finish
  • Stainless Steel Products for Various Applications
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Qué Es La Fabricación De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless steel fabrication is the process of turning raw steel into the desired product suitable for use in building or assembly. Steel is a metal alloy composed of iron and other elements. It comes in a broad range of distinct types use in fabrication processes. Here at KDM, we proudly offer custom stainless steel fabrication services to exceed your requirements.

When it comes to meeting project criteria and objectives, stainless steel fabrication provides greater flexibility. It is comprised of a wide range of procedures. It falls into two broad categories: joining and fabrication. Fabrication Method includes shearing and bending, melting and rolling, water jet cutting, deep drawing, roll forming, machining, wire bending, spring forming, and milling. The second is joining methods such as adhesive bonding, brazing/soldering, welding, fastening, mechanical press fitting, and folding.

Técnicas y Procesos De Fabricación De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless Steel Welding

Stainless steel welding process is combining metal to make them one piece. KDM specializes in MIG & TIG welding of steel. It enhances the quality of the parts we produce and minimize distortion.

Stainless Steel Deep Drawing
Embutición De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless steel metals go through high deformation stresses in the deep drawing process. This process is used for metals in appliances, lighting, furniture, design & decoration, or other general industries.

Stainless Steel Machining
Mecanizado De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless steel machining process uses an advanced include lathe, mills and drills machine to shave away parts of the metal. This will result in the required shape and designs. KDM is an expert in this process.

Stainless Steel Precision Shearing
Cizalla De Precisión En Acero Inoxidable

KDM uses sophisticated shearing equipment to effectively process sheet and plate forms of stainless steel. It can precision shearing to close tolerances up to 0.625 in. We can prototype for heavy volume production.

Stainless Steel Cutting

KDM uses sophisticated shearing equipment to effectively process sheet and plate forms of stainless steel. It can precision shearing to close tolerances up to 0.625 in. We can prototype for heavy volume production.

Stainless Steel Bending

Stainless Steel Bending involves hydraulic press bending, rotary bending, mandrel tube bending, three-roll bending, draw bending, compression bending, etc. These are forming processes for manufacturing metal parts.

Stainless Steel Punching
Punzonado De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless Steel Punching provides accurate holes and error-free metal. KDM can punch metal parts of any shape and design. We ensure the non-breaking of metal used for electronics, textiles, pharmaceutical, automotive, etc.

Stainless Steel Riveting
Remachado De Acero Inoxidable

KDM stainless steel riveting is popular process for constructing metal tools production, buildings, and automotive. Stainless steel is perfect for this process thanks to its high tensile strength and good corrosion resistance. Our stainless steel rivets products have strong and durable join.

Stainless Steel Brazing
Soldadura De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless Steel Brazing involves brazing in the air with flux, vacuum brazing and brazing under a reducing atmosphere. The high-temperature brazing filler metals are used in this process.

Stainless Steel Stress Relieving
Alivio De Tensión En Acero Inoxidable

Stress Relieving is the process of heating metal to a specified temperature below its lower transformation temperature. After that, it is rapidly cooled in the air. It releases stresses accumulated by the metal during processes such as rolling, machining, etc.

Drilling Stainless Steel
Perforación De Acero Inoxidable

KDM Drilling is a cutting procedure in which a drill bit is used to produce a round cross-section hole in solid metals. The drill is often a spinning cutting equipment with multiple points.  KDM uses high-standard drilling machines to precisely drill your metal.

Straightening Stainless Steel
Enderezar Acero Inoxidable

KDM straightening stainless steel using flame straightening, bending, twisting, or stretching. The steel structural shapes, bars, and long parts can be straightened through this process. We can custom stainless steel fabricate your products to meet your needs.

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Advantages of Stainless Steel Fabrication

100% Recyclable
100% Reciclable

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, reducing waste. More and more industries choose stainless steel fabrication.

Ease of Fabrication
Facilidad De Fabricación

KDM precisely cut and welds stainless steel easily. We own top-of-the-line, modern equipment to do these operations.

Corrosion Resistant
Resistente A La Corrosión

KDM uses corrosion-resistant stainless steel in fabrications. It provides overall value and long-term investment to stainless steel.

Fire and Heat Resistant
Resistente Al Fuego Y Al Calor

Nickel-alloyed grades and high chromium stainless steel are resistant to fire and heat and ideal for boilers, feed water heaters, valves, etc.

Tipos De Acero Inoxidable Utilizados En La Fabricación

  • Austenitic, 200 series — A steel combination of nickel, and/or manganese, carbon, and chromium. It can be toughened through cold working but has lower protection against corrosion.
  • Austenitic, 300 series — most common austenite steel is grade 304. It is referred to as A2 stainless or 18/8. It is composed of 18% chromium and 8% nickel concentration.
  • Ferritic – ferritic stainless steel metal sheet has a high level of technical properties but lower corrosion.  It has lower chromium and nickel content.
  • Martensitic — consists of nickel, carbon, chromium, and molybdenum. It offers exceptional strength and machinability but is not as corrosion resistant as austenitic or ferritic.
  • Duplex — It has a balanced combination of austenite and ferrite. This contains low nickel proportions and high chromium allowing it to be more resistant to cracking, rust, and scratch.
  • Precipitation-hardening martensitic— This metal has better corrosion resistance than ordinary martensitic steels. For higher-strength applications, it can be precipitation hardened.
Stainless Steel Fabrication
Stainless Steel Fabrication Properties

Propiedades De La Fabricación De Acero Inoxidable

Dealing with stainless steel provides numerous advantages thanks to its physical qualities. Stainless steel offers various benefits and features such as:

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Increased malleability
  • Work hardening rates
  • Highly recyclable
  • High tensile strength.
  • Attractive appearance
  • Easy formability and fabrication.

Material De Acero Inoxidable Para Sus Productos

KDM processes various stainless steel materials according to your custom request to boom your business. We can fabricate stainless steel products based on your required material types.

  • Stainless steel sheet
  • Stainless steel tube
  • Stainless steel strip
  • Stainless steel profile
  • Stainless steel bar
  • Stainless steel rod
Stainless Steel Materials
Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication

Fabricación De Chapas De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless steel sheet metal fabrication begins with carefully selecting the proper material. Then followed by a combination of production methods and finishing.

KDM is an expert in sheet metal manufacturing. We work with various thicknesses and alloy grades such as 304, 316, and 322 for our custom fabrication projects. Stainless steel sheet also known as inox steel does not easily rust, corrode, non-magnetic and has high & low-temperature resistance. It is perfect for metal production processes.

Fabricación De Tubos De Acero Inoxidable

KDM specialized in stainless steel tube fabrication. This is a process where stainless steel strips or sheets go through hot or cold roll forming to transform into a tube shape. Cold forming produces better finishes and tighter tolerances than hot forming.

KDM provides all types of stainless steel tube products made from quality alloy grades such as 201, 202, 304, 304L, 316, 630, 904L, and more. The 2 main categories of stainless steel tube include welded stainless steel tubing and seamless stainless steel tubing.

Stainless Steel Tube Fabrication
Stainless Steel Fabrication Applications

Aplicaciones De Fabricación De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless steel is utilized in a wide range of industries where high structural reliability and durability are vital. It comes in various types, thicknesses, and designs. KDM can offer custom fabrications ideal for the following applications:

Fabricación De Acero Inoxidable A Medida

KDM is supported by professional and well-trained engineers to perfect custom your stainless steel products fabrication. Our sophisticated facility can handle your unique stainless steel fabrication needs from concept to design phase, prototype, product sampling, mass production, shipping, and delivery.

All products undergo strict quality control to ensure 100% defect-free and superior performance. Our team can manufacture quickly and efficiently to deliver the products on time. Message us today for your custom request!

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication.

Por Qué Elegir KDM Fabricación de Acero Inoxidable

Why Choose KDM Stainless Steel Fabrication
Why Choose KDM Stainless Steel Fabrication

KDM is a professional stainless steel fabrication provider in China. We focused on unique R&D, designing, production, and sales of quality stainless steel finished products. Our company follows strict quality control to guarantee defect-free and premium quality products and services.

Equipped with the latest 3D CAD/CAM software and advanced machineries such as punching machine, water jet cutting machine, polishing machine, cutting machines, and bending machines for stainless steel fabrication. Our company serves all sectors such as residential, medical, automotive, commercial, minerals, chemicals, industrial, and leisure industries.

You can get affordable services at KDM. We also offer custom stainless steel fabrication based on your specifications. Please contact us immediately.

Tratamiento Superficial/Acabado Del Acero Inoxidable

Stainless Steel Screen Printing

Stainless steel plate screen printing process offers various advantages. It provides several surfaces such as bare metals, varnished, painted, etc. This offers diversity, flexibility, and excellent light resistance. KDM can screen printing metal in strong coverage and a thick layer of ink, soft layout, and small printing pressure.

Stainless Steel Colouring
Coloración Del Acero Inoxidable

Stainless steel products can be treated with different surface colors and shades for architectural purposes. These colors include black, green, red, purple, blue, gold, etc. In this process, the stainless steel is colored using a patented method. It includes soaking stainless steel in a heated chromic/sulphuric acid solution.


Stainless Steel Blackening
Ennegrecimiento Del Acero Inoxidable

If you don’t want a highly polished surface, KDM offers stainless steel blackening that creates a non-reflective black oxide coating. Several techniques can be employed to obtain this look. The 2 typical procedures include potassium dichromate solution or immersion in sulphuric acid. KDM uses state-of-the-art Stainless Steel Blackening equipment that can satisfy your specifications.

Stainless Steel Powder Coating
Recubrimiento En Polvo De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless steel powder coating creates superior corrosion protection, increases the longevity and attractiveness of the product. This process uses a powder spraying device through static electricity. To obtain a smooth surface, the powder is absorbed equally. Powder coating includes methods such as cleaning, pickling and/or passivating, primer and powder topcoat, blasting, and curing.

Stainless Steel Mechanical Polishing

Stainless Steel Mechanical Polishing involves grinding, polishing, and buffing. This process enhanced stainless steel surface conditions for functional or decorative applications. Polishing is done with abrasives that are firmly attached to a flexible backing. KDM is an expert in this process, ensuring that no contamination by iron-based materials develops.

Stainless Steel Pickling
Decapado Del Acero Inoxidable

Pickling is a method of removing scale formed by high-temperature processes such as heat treatment, welding, or hot working. It uses acid or mixture of acids in the process such as nitric acid, sulphuric acid, and hydrofluoric acid. KDM provides extreme caution during the pickling process and waste disposal.

More Parts We Made for Our Clients

Stainless Steel Cabinets
Fabricación De Armarios De Acero Inoxidable

KDM designs stainless steel cabinets for garages, kitchen use, bathrooms, and commercial use. We design custom stainless cabinets suitable for your needs.

Stainless Steel Countertops Fabrication
Fabricación De Encimeras De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless steel countertops are durable and strong enough. This is water-resistant, heat resistant and, stains resistant.  It is virtually indestructible and last longer.

Stainless Steel Sink Fabrication
Fabricación De Fregaderos De Acero Inoxidable

KDM works with all types of stainless steel for creating excellent quality sinks. It includes 300 series stainless steel, 304, 316 alloy grade, and more. Custom stainless steel sink according to your specific sizes, types, and designs.

Stainless Steel Trim Fabrication
Fabricación De Molduras De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless Steel Trim is used for joining and edging stainless steel panels. It has excellent cutting, high gloss, and high hardness. It is easy to install with low maintenance. It adds a lot of color to the house decoration, commercial spaces, and more.

Stainless Steel Table Fabrication
Fabricación De Mesas De Acero Inoxidable

KDM can professionally cut, bend, or weld stainless steel to create stainless steel table products. It is available in standard sizes or custom to specific dimensions to meet your requirements.  It is easy to clean and resistant to corrosion.

Stainless Steel Bracket Fabrication
Fabricación De Soportes De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless Steel Bracket is made from 304 or 316 stainless steel grade. It comes from .024” to .750” in thickness. You can choose between brushed, polished, or mill bracket surface treatment. KDM provides low to high volume bracket productions.

Stainless Steel Enclosure Fabrication
Fabricación De Armarios De Acero Inoxidable

KDM manufacture stainless steel enclosure that provides excellent protection to electrical parts for indoor and outdoor use. These products have waterproof and dustproof structures. NEMA, UL approved boxes with IP65 & IP66 requirements for harsh environments.

Stainless Steel Railing Fabrication
Fabricación De Barandillas De Acero Inoxidable

KDM stainless steel railing systems are guaranteed durable with an attractive appearance. It is available in different designs according to interior and exterior trim. Choose whether you need round or square railings from KDM. It improved the appearance of any contemporary-designed property.

Stainless Steel Fuel Tank Fabrication
Fabricación De Depósitos De Combustible De Acero Inoxidable

Custom stainless steel fuel tank fabrication at a very low price at KDM. We can design pressure-resistant fuel tanks used for boats, yachts, etc. These are CE ISO-compliant products.

Stainless Steel Shelving Fabrication
Fabricación De Estanterías De Acero Inoxidable

Discover high-quality stainless steel shelving fabrication at KDM. We supply all types of heavy-duty shelves such as fixed shelving, adjustable shelving, freestanding, or floating shelves. These are accessible in different sizes, layers and loading capacities.

Stainless Steel Mailbox Fabrication
Fabricación De Buzones De Acero Inoxidable

Get a unique stainless steel mailbox with excellent features in KDM. These are easy to install, easy to carry, and mounted indoors, in garages, walls, and sheds. You can find a mailbox at KDM perfect for schools, hospitals, offices, libraries, hotel applications, and more.

Stainless Steel Staircases Fabrication
Fabricación De Escaleras De Acero Inoxidable

KDM stainless steel staircases exhibit a durable and aesthetically-pleasing appearance. It is very easy to clean and sanitize. This is extremely resistant to fire (heat) and cold temperatures. It offers long-lasting usage. These are available in limitless designs and styles for your projects.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks Fabrication
Fabricación De Depósitos De Agua De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless Steel Water Tanks Fabrication is manufactured from AISI stainless steel grade 304 material. It is safe, reliable and durable stainless steel water storage tanks. We offer mass production water tanks for your needs.

Stainless Steel Food Grade Cans
Fabricación De Latas De Acero Inoxidable

KDM produced a wide range of stainless steel cans for food and beverages applications, milk dairy industry, etc. It can be finish with smooth finishing, mirror finish polishing, etc. It is safe and food-grade cans fabrications.

Stainless Steel Food Serving Trays
Bandejas De Acero Inoxidable Para Servir Alimentos

Customized trendy and sturdy stainless steel food serving trays for any events, parties, residential or commercial applications. These are made from versatile materials to last long and withstand daily usage.

Stainless Steel Trolley
Fabricación De Carros De Acero Inoxidable

For your stainless steel trolley fabrication, you can trust KDM. Stainless steel trolley is used for storage and carrying the products needed for the client. Get a stable design stainless steel trolley at KDM. It is made of advanced machinery, processes, and technology.

Stainless Steel Furniture Fabrication
Fabricación De Muebles De Acero Inoxidable

KDM fabricates plenty of stainless-steel furniture options for your business. This includes but is not limited to stainless steel chairs, cupboards, trolley, lockers, and more. KDM ensures premium quality material in furniture fabrications.

Stainless Steel Garden Tools Fabrication
Fabricación De Herramientas De Jardín De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless steel garden tools are designed with high strength, high corrosion resistance and high performance. These are made to last and can handle the most difficult work. Choose the best alloy grades to meet your steel garden tools requirements.

Stainless Steel Medical Equipment
Equipos Médicos De Acero Inoxidable

Stainless steel medical equipment includes canes and walkers, wheelchairs, sinks and bowls, surgical steel, etc. We can produce various medical-grade tools according to customer requirements. KDM offers various stainless steel medical devices that vary in thickness, size, shape, and features.

Stainless steel fabrication provider-kdm
KDM - Solución Única De Fabricación De Acero Inoxidable

KDM is your one-stop stainless steel fabrication provider in China. We support custom manufacturing, mass production and strict quality control. No matter what your requirements, our skills can satisfy your needs. Contact us today!

  • “We are very satisfied working with KDM. They support us in every stage of production until the completion of our projects. They have superb customization services as well as after-sales assistance. All finished products we received exhibit all necessary features and advantages..”

  • “For your stainless steel fabrication requirements, KDM is the best partner. They provide reliable services, unmatched quality products, and technical support. All stainless steel products we request are in excellent condition, corrosion resistant and durable.”

  • “KDM stainless steel fabrication meets even the most exacting standards demanded by the industry. They have a team of skilled, engineers, architects and craftsmen. The quality in delivery and service is guaranteed.”

¿Cuál Es El Coste De Fabricación Del Acero Inoxidable?

Stainless steel fabrication costs approximately 3 times as much as raw steel material. At KDM, a ton of steel will cost approximately $400. This means that production alone will cost between $1,200 and $1,500, without including the primer coat.

If you require a custom product with a unique design, the stainless steel fabrication price may vary. There will be an added cost for producing steel that is more than 30 feet.

Contact KDM and talk about the cost for your project.

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