Fabricación de Chapa de Automóvil KDM

KDM offers car sheet metal fabrication that can create automotive parts according to your exact needs. We used metal pressing machines or turret press during the product development.

  • ISO9001 certified company –KDM
  • Offer accurate and well-fabricated car components
  • Made from aluminum, brass, stainless steel, etc
  • Processed through stamping, pressing, and more

Su Proveedor De Chapa Metálica Para Automóviles

Car sheet metal fabrication is a technique that transformed sheet metals into different automotive parts. This is among the most popular services apart from traditional fabrication. In fact, automotive industries required them the most. Using finished car sheet metal parts can make old cars keep in perfect shape and look new.

Using this technique, we turn flat metal sheets into different parts by bending, perforating, cutting, and designing. Every sheet metal can be transformed into many different forms. However, we carefully select the materials. We used high-end aluminum sheets, steel sheets, stainless steel, brass, and more. According to your exact specifications, we guarantee high-precision car sheet metal parts.

In a professional way, KDM can work with you anytime you need sheet metal components and our services. We are a well-established company with wide experience working with automotive businesses worldwide. Here, we assure you can get premium parts at fair prices. Contact us today!

Serie de Chapa de Automóviles

Automotive Seat Parts

Automotive seat parts made from sheet metals are known for their maximum protection, UV protection, and aesthetic designs. It is durable and high-strength.

Car Body Parts

Car body parts include body kits, bearings, bonnet, bumper grill, and more. Made of malleable sheet metals then shaped into perfect form and thickness. It is corrode-free.

Door Inner Panel
Por el Panel Interior

The door inner panel works as an interface between the door inner workings and the car interior. They are made exactly in shape and durability. Also, it requires less maintenance.

Mild Steel Auto Parts
Piezas de Acero Dulce Para Automóviles

Mild steel auto parts are known for their extreme impact strength. Each part offers better weldability and ductility. Plus, they are relatively low-cost than other auto parts.

Stamping Parts for Body Panel
Panel de la Carrocería

One of the body panels’ benefits is that they are easy to install. There are no special tools needed to install body panels in a car. It has flexible and durable designs.

Automotive Die Casting Part
Pieza de Fundición a Presión Para Automóviles

Automotive die casting parts are lightweight, environmental-friendly, and cost-effective parts. These are made from copper, aluminum, zinc, pewter, and lead.

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Características de La Chapa Del Coche

Heat Resistant
Resistente al Calor

Each component has an excellent heat resistance and further outstanding properties. They don’t corrode, stain, or break easily.

High Precision
Alta Precisión

We provide accurate fabrication services for your car sheet metal. They have high-precision designs and properties.

Low Cost
Bajo Coste

We offer our services for your car sheet metal at a low price. We ensure better quality yet reasonable models.

Less Maintenance
Menos Mantenimiento

All our car sheet metal components have less maintenance. They are also easy to install and easily repairable.

¿Cómo Funciona La Fabricación de Chapa de Automóvil?

Car sheet metal fabrication is widely used in the automotive industry. It works in creating auto parts, structural frames, and the metal body of a car.

The process is used in modifying and customizing automobile components. It is also required for precise roll-bar fabrication, vintage reconditioning, fixing or restoration process, and body reforming. So, if you are part of the automotive industry and you need a custom car parts supplier and fabrication professional, choose KDM!

How Car Sheet Metal Fabrication Works
Sheet Metal Options

Opciones de Chapa Metálica

Sheet metals that are most common for automotive projects include stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel.

We used these materials for creating bulkheads, dashboards, and other car parts because of their malleability, softness, and lightweight properties. They also produce attractive polish and do not corrode, unlike other materials. We made them unbreakable as well. However, car parts made of aluminum are the most recommended ones, especially if you need durable parts for car repair or custom interior restoration.

Proceso de Fabricación

KDM performs fabrication processes depending on your applications. If automotive parts are used as seats, door panels, or body panels, we can provide custom fabrication. Step by step processing starts from:

  • Cutting – We used numerous advanced cutting tools in this process.
  • Forming & bending – It creates U-bends, V-bends, and custom bends to match automotive projects.
  • Bonding – In the bonding process, the sheet metals are joined together by riveting, welding, adhesives, and brazing.
  • FinishingAfter the sheet metals are cut, bent, and joined into desired forms, the next step is the finishing process. Each surface is finished with silk screening, paint and powder coatings, and custom surface treatments.
Manufacturing Process

Por Qué Elegir Las Capacidades De KDM

1- Why Choose KDM
(2) Why Choose KDM

KDM provides sheet metal fabrication services for the automotive industry. For many years, we are experts in metalworking and production tools.

By providing car sheet metal fabrication, we can create different car parts with excellent precision. All final auto components are engineered according to your requirements. Each part is perfect for car restoration, repair, and replacement.

We are fully capable of producing unique yet cheaper customized pieces. We are supported with advanced machines, including pipe benders, stretchers, cutting tools, and more. With more than decades of experience, KDM delivers precision and aesthetics to your projects.

KDM: Fabricante de Chapa de Automóvil en China

Advantages and Features
Ventajas y Características

Durability: After the manufacturing process, we treat sheet metals with chemicals that strongly resist corrosion. We used chemicals such as nickel plating, zinc plating, tinning, anodizing, screen painting, and powder coating.

Toughness: We offer automotive parts with extreme toughness. It is made from high-grade and durable sheet metals.

Malleable: We use flexible, easy-to-blend sheet metals in the fabrication process. Because of its malleability, they can create different kinds of parts.

Effortlessly portable: Since made of lightweight sheet metals –weight between .250 to 10lbs. This makes it easier to transport.

Easy to repair: Through the welding process, the sheet metal can easily repair.

Custom Projects

Back up with skilled and well-experienced staff, combined with our full dedication, we can provide custom car parts and sheet metal fabrication services.

Our prosperous automotive production projects include:

  • Tether harbor
  • Airbag retention bracket
  • Further airbag auto parts
  • Cable tubes and clamps
  • Grounding straps
  • Piston construction
  • Steering wheel fabrication
  • Horn switches
  • And so on

Productos de Chapa de Automóviles a Medida


We offer complete types of sheet metal car doors. They are used for exiting and entering a vehicle. Securing the vehicle is one of the lockable doors purposes. All series are durable, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant.

Floor Pans
Bandejas de Suelo

Sheet metal floor pans serve as the base of mechanical and structural components. They offer excellent quality, modern finish, rust-resistant, and scratch-resistant features.


Car hoods are made from aluminum sheets and steel sheets. Due to their lightweight and strength, they can improve the overall car performance. They are available in custom-built designs and modern finishes.


In fabricating car roofs, we used sheet metals such as mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. All pieces are UV proof and will not flicker into flames or lightning. They are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Car Body
Car Body

Steel is the most suitable material for manufacturing car bodies. This material offers excellent properties such as strength, malleability, hardness, and quality. As a result, the final car bodies can resist corrosion, scratches, and deforms.

KDM - Car Sheet Metal Fabrication in China
KDM - Fabricación de Chapa de Automóvil en China

Our team professionally conducts car sheet metal fabrication to create accurate auto parts. If you are in the automotive industry, choose KDM as your supplier in China.

  • “KDM is professional and easy to work with! I am satisfied with how they provide car sheet metal fabrication services for my projects. I am looking forward to more years partnering with your team.”

  • “If you need outstanding car sheet metal fabrication and final parts, KDM has it all. I experienced how quality and satisfying their services are. You should also try their overall offers!”

  • “On behalf of our team, we are very thankful to KDM car sheet metal fabrication offers. They are really great suppliers for our automotive business.”

Car Sheet Metal Fabrication: The Ultimate Guide

I know choosing appropriate car sheet metal fabrication technique, material, surface finish and parts can be a challenging process.

A reason this guide explores everything you need to know about fabricating car sheet metal parts.

Take a look:

Materiales Que Puede Utilizar Para La Fabricación De Piezas De Chapa De Coche.

Figure 1 Sheet metal car parts

There are several factors to be considered when choosing the best material for the fabrication of the car part including strength, conductivity, corrosion resistance and hardness.

Below is a list of materials that can be used for sheet metal car parts fabrication:

Steel: It is the most commonly used metal because it is easy to weld, hard and relatively cheap.

However, steel is prone to corrosion and alloys of steel can be used instead.

Carbon Steel: Generally, steel contains carbon only that the carbon steel has a higher content of carbon and this can be used to make car parts and steel wires; it is hard and may not be modified into desired shape if the carbon content is too high.

Stainless Steel: It is a bit expensive and does not rust, the parts produced using stainless steel tend to have a shiny and silvery coating.

It is easy to roll into shapes and sizes as desired, but cannot be assembled with different metals except through modifying its resistance to corrosion.

Aluminum: It is more expensive compared to standard steel and it has a light weight, it does not rust and it is easy to work with.

Copper: Copper does not rust and it does not respond so well to machining but can create attractive products. It is relatively expensive when compared to other materials.

Proceso de Fabricación de Piezas de Chapa Metálica Para Carros

The fabrication process involves the following:

Cutting Car Sheet Metal

In this procedure, a metal sheet is cut by applying force through the use of enhanced cutting tools.

Below is a description of these tools and what they can cut.

  1. Cutting with Shear: involves the application of shear force to cut the sheet metal and there are three types; Shearing used in cutting larger parts, Punching used to make holes on the metal sheet and Blanking used to cut part perimeters from the sheet metal.
  2. Cutting without Shear: this is normally preferred when there is need for higher precision and fast production times.

There are 3 types including; Laser Beam Cutting which uses highly powered laser beams, Plasma Cutting which uses accelerated plasma beams to cut sheet metals which can conduct electricity, Waterjet Cutting which uses waterjet machines and does not produce heat.

Bending Car Sheet Metal

After cutting, the next process is to bend through the use of tools like press brakes.

The bends could be v-bends, u-bens depending on the needs of the project.

Rotary bending and elastomer are used to make new shapes with finished metal sheets.

Assembling Car Sheet Metal

Assembling Car Sheet Metal

Figure 2 Car sheet metal component

After the formation of bends and shapes, these sheet metals are joined together to form the desired parts through the use of welding, riveting, brazing and adhesives.

Tipos de Tratamiento Superficial Para Sus Piezas de Automóvil

After the assembling of the sheet metals, the surface finish can be done with paint and powder coatings or silk screening.

The automated finishes put in place are meant to enhance properties such as resistance and conductivity.

You can also find polished surfaces, depending on your requirements.

Tipos de Piezas de Automóvil Para la Fabricación de Chapa Metálica

This is a list of car parts made through sheet metal fabrication; Body panels, most bolt-on parts, Seat rails, most brackets, Hinges, Seat belt latches, Seat belt buckles, Brake backing plates, Battery cable connectors, ECU housings, Catalytic converter housings, Engine oil pans, Radiators and Bumper reinforcement bars.

  • Custom Car Parts Modification: is the process of replacing or altering parts like the of passenger car in order to improve the performance.
  • Vintage Car Restoration: the process of disassembling many parts or the whole vintage car and replacing them with fabricated or new parts to make a restoration and maintain the original shape
Cómo Comprobar la Calidad de las Piezas de Automóvil Fabricadas

Below is a description of how to test for quality of automotive parts.

  • Strength of materials: This is determined by the components in metal material, though when it comes to polymers, it is determined by the density and type of molecules used.

This will require the analysis of material composition to check for strength and stability.

  • It is necessary to test static traits of springs, failure of parts and strength of materials and should in accordance with ASTM, ISO and other standards.
  • It is also important to evaluate car body and engine suspension and this is to evaluate the kind of material use by the use of universal testing machines.
  • Tensile testing is used to test car body and evaluate seats, car belts and O-rings.

This also ensures comfortability and durability of car seats and belts which are an important aspect of safety.

The strength of seat belts must be tested and the rubber of the car seat through compression testing. Due to the size of the car seats, a wide-design testing equipment is often needed.

seat belts

  • In Manual transmissions, drive train and engine are connected through the clutch at every direction.

The clutch functions several times during one driving session and needs the best tuning there is.

In high-output engines, the drive train should be strong enough to transfer engine power. Therefore, testing is done to determine the strength of the clutch string and the force it can produce.

There are some machines that have several jigs like spring compression plates and devices used to measure displacement, these machines allow for measurements of even the slightest distortions in the car parts.

Other Processes:

Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Prototype Fabrication

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication

Copper Sheet Metal Fabrication

Galvanized Sheet Metal Fabrication

Customs Sheet Metal Fabrication

For all your car sheet metal fabrication needs, contact us now.

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