Fabricación de Chapa Metálica Para la Industria de la Ferretería

In the hardware industry, sheet metal is a crucial component. Hardware sheet metal can be made to fit a wide range of industry applications. Metal fabrication is used extensively by professional construction crews to build beams, trusses, ladders, roofing, enclosures, framing, and other structures. Plumbing, conduit, and wall fasteners are just a few of the interior components for which sheet metal is a trusted solution.


KDM metal manufacturing uses various cutting methods to cut sheet metal. Sheet metal can be shaped, bent, and cut with these instruments. After the metal sheets have been cut and molded to the specifications, they are welded together to produce various hardware components.

KDM is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer and expert in sheet metal fabrication. We can provide hardware products made from high-quality metals such as magnesium, iron, nickel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, tin, brass, and so on.

We provide global solutions that are engineered to the highest quality. KDM is your reliable partner to work with you closely to satisfy your needs. Contact us immediately!

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